• Top 10 Security To-Do’s

    1. Freeze your credit at the 4 credit bureaus and check credit rating annually at each.
    2. Create long, memorable passwords and set up 2FA at your financial accounts (banking, investments, credit cards).
    3. Set up your home router with a non-personal SSID, memorable and strong password, and WPA2 encryption.
    4. In email, don’t click on attachments or links unless SURE of source.
    5. Keep software up to date on all devices.
    6. Install antivirus on computer(s) and smartphone (if needed).
    7. Long, memorable passwords at all online accounts.
    8. Maintain a remote backup of computer files.
    9. Create a smartphone lock screen with alternate phone number and email.
    10. Create Kick the Bucket letter for your heirs.